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To keep your aircraft in “Showroom” condition between washes, FINALE was developed for those who like that fresh, clean feel all of the time. Used by Pilots, Flight Attendants and Flight Crews around the globe, FINALE has built a reputation over the years for keeping aircraft in great condition.


Water spots, streaks and undesirable dust between washes are a thing of the past once you use FINALE on your automobile. Formulated for both interior and exterior surfaces, FINALE is an imperative step for every regular maintenance detail and in between.


FINALE allows your aircaft to maintain that shine and luster. Its lubricating agents encapsulate dirt and grime allowing fragile surfaces on your car, such as paint, to be safe from scratches.

Not only does FINALE add a desirable shine and polished look, but it also places a
thin, protective barrier between your aircraft and the elements.


Product Application: For use on hard surfaces such as, paint, glass and plastic to remove dirt, dust, smudges and finger prints. Directions for use: For use on any hard surface such as paint, glass or plastic to remove dirt, dust, smudges and finger-prints. Apply product to a clean, 100% Cotton towel or Micro Fiber cloth and wipe onto surface. Wipe or buff surface with a clean 100% Cotton towel or Micro Fiber cloth until surface is streak free. Surface should be cool before applying. Test on a small inconspicuous spot first to check for any issues.

FINALE - Multi-Surface cleaner

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