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This amazing product was formulated exclusively to clean, maintain and protect the extremely expensive painted surfaces.


Designed to withstand the harshest environments found on earth (and above), from a hot tarmac and temperatures that reach 120° to the frigid minus 60° temperatures found at 50,000 feet above the earth. SHINE was also designed and formulated to withstand the abrasive affects encountered in the atmosphere while flying at over 600 mph. With many airports around the world not allowing wet washing of airplanes, AERO Products developed SHINE in order to deliver the perfect Dry Wash Protectant.

SHINE is a revolutionary new method of washing and shining your car and providing a protective coating on your paint in minutes, without water. No buckets, no hoses, no rinsing and drying! Simply spray on the surface and wipe dry. With SHINE you can conveniently and quickly wash anywhere, anytime. The unique formulation dissolves dirt and stains such as tree sap and bugs. Special lubricating agents encapsulate the dirt so that it can easily be wiped off a delicate surface without scratching. It also leaves a protective film that provides gloss, color enhancement and smoothness that conventional car washesfail to deliver.


Product Application: For moderate, quick protection of painted surfaces. SHINE is easy to use, and its clear drying formula will not leave unsightly white residue in cracks and crevices. Safe for all gloss_painted surfaces.

Directions for use: Apply SHINE generously to a dry, clean microfiber cloth. Wipe painted surface until evenly covered and allow surface to dry to a light haze. Wipe off with a dry, clean microfiber cloth, buffing lightly for a maximum shine. Test on a small inconspicuous spot first to check for any issues.

SHINE - Dry Wash/Speed Wax

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