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"Since grade 5, I decided to dedicated my life to Aviation"

It all started with one flight from Hamilton to Niagara Falls and back in Grade 5 for Adam MacCabe. He instantly found joy for aviation. At the age of 12, Adam joined the Royal Canadian Air Cadets and he was instantly submerged into all things airplanes. He obtained different ranks and courses, and at 16 earned his glider licence. Hard work and dedication paid off for Adam as he earned Top Glider Pilot. 1 year later he was training at Toronto Island for a Power Private Licence.


Adam tinkered with anything and everything mechanical in high school; cars, airplaines, pretty much anything with an engine. After high school he found a way to combine the passion for aviation with the mechanical brain. Adam enrolled at Mohawk College for Aircraft Maintenance, and after an intensive 2 year program, he quickly found a full time apprenticeship position. He moved to Northern Ontario, like way up there....where planes are the main means of transportation. He learned how to be self reliant, fast thinking and quick on his feet, especially with an operation that's a 24/7 Medivac and Charter company. While he enjoyed several years in the North unfortunately there was no real availability or opportunity of flying personally. In 2015 he moved back to Southern Ontario, working for private maintenance facilities for several years. Adam learned that private mainteance is about service, honesty, and consistency. He saw a void in quality and efficient maintenance for private aircraft owners, Adam knew he needed to try it on his own.

Welcome Macizzle Aero, where we want aircraft owners as Aviators not pilots. A community where ideas, questions and conversations can happen to learn about your aircraft, maintenance, and equipment. Macizzle Aero maintains float planes, aerobatic & race aircraft, and everything in between. 

Passion runs deep at Macizzle Aero.

Have questions? Reach out, we would love to hear from you.

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