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Dynamic Propeller Balancing

Vibration can cause wear and tear on your aircraft in many ways.

Subtle vibration from your engine and propeller can cause unnecessary fatigue on your airframe, wiring, and many of the other components on your aircraft. One of the easiest ways to minimize this vibration and fatigue, is to have your propeller balanced. 

Aircraft vibration can also significantly affect pilot fatigue during long flights... similar to driving on a smooth road vs. a gravel road. Some component manufacturers actually offer an extended warranty when a dynamic propeller balance has been performed, like Power Flow Systems.

The DynaVibe GX3 gives us lots of data and a report sheet for the customer and the mechanic to compare and review results!


Articles regarding Dynamic Propeller Balancing:

AOPA Article

Hartzell Propeller


"Dynamic balancing measures the 

vibration that the propeller/engine

 system is experiencing as a whole, in operation."

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