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Grip Lock Ties

Grip Lock Ties were originally designed to handle high-vibration, wire-securing jobs, like in aviation and racing. With deep tooth engagement, our 12-inch zip ties have a high strength rating of 70 lbs. Because of the spring-like action that the rubber lining provides, the deep-tooth design is unique and makes for easy installation on both large and small jobs.

UV/HEAT PROTECTION: Reinvented the zip tie with custom patented technology that can handle the heat and pressure of any stressful job. The strap is made of the best Dupont materials, and the double rubber lining strips make it UV- and heat-stabilized. With this tech, Grip Lock Ties can handle temperatures up to 210° F. Standard nylon, metal, stainless steel, and plastic ties can't do that.


SAFE & SECURE: When securing wires or hoses that could easily be damaged by ordinary zip ties, Grip Lock Ties are able to provide safety to cables and wires with a soft, rubber-conforming padding. Once secured, the patented technology makes your zip ties resistant to vibration and protects from scratching paint on installed surfaces. You won't need to buy separate cushioning materials.

RELEASABLE & REUSABLE: Instead of needing thousands of cheap zip ties to get the job done, Grip Lock Ties complete even the hardest tasks with ease. Unlike most zip ties, these ties save you time and money because they are slim, efficient, reusable, easy to mount, and have a long life span. Just lift the attached clip and you can readjust or remove the Grip Lock Tie

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