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Customer Spotlight - Citabria 7KCAB - A family affair!

We swoon over this beauty every time Neil, Ben, or James brings GEKI to Collingwood!

Sometimes for maintenance at Macizzle Aero, and sometimes just for a visit or lunch!

We asked Neil to tell us a little about his life and how aircraft ownership has impacted his life.

"I think buying an airplane to share my love of aviation with my family and friends has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. Thanks Macizzle Aero for all your hard work keeping our machine in great shape!"

Citabria 7KCAB

What upgrades + modifications make your aircraft unique?

"My Citabria is a 1975 model American Champion/Bellanca 7KCAB and was completely rebuilt around 2010 from the frame up with, for example; new metal spars, a complete recover, and an interior modernization that makes the airplane a pleasure to fly and own. It’s satisfying to own an airplane that looks good, is fun to fly and is well maintained."

Tell us about the type of flying you like to do and what you use your aircraft for.

"Because of the airplane’s tail wheel configuration, our family enjoy it’s versatility as a grassroots flying machine. We use the airplane around Ontario, visiting friends, attending

social aviation functions and using the airplane for fun afternoons playing around in the sunshine with the odd loop and roll thrown in for good measure! After all, it’s a Citabria!"

Tell us a little about your aviation background & what attracted you to aircraft ownership.

"I’m a longtime aviator who always wanted to fly for a living. That dream came true and then I put my sights on having my own airplane to share the fun of aviation with my two sons, who are both pilots and share my passion for aviation."

Can you share about the quality of care and maintenance received by Macizzle Aero?

"Macizzle represents to me the “top shelf” level of maintenance that an aircraft owner should ask of his engineer. I know that Adam, Rob and Traci are a great team who want the best for my airplane’s reliability and performance. They are always thorough during any work packages they perform on the airplane and always there to support me when I have questions about how to get the best out of the airplane on follow-ups or just in general operation."

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