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Nothing is more unsightly than major stains or heavy soil marks in your interior, which make it look aged and worn out. 


SPOT allows every owner to have pristine, impeccable carpet and fabric upholstery.


Whether using SPOT to treat a large area or a persnickety, set-in stain from juice or stubborn dirt, the results are...Spotless. While some carpet and fabric cleaners leave residues that attract dirt for future stains and spots, SPOT does not leave film and will keep the surface looking flawless. SPOT, which is perfect for colorfast carpet and fabric surfaces, is an all natural cleaner making it both biodegradable and perfect for your aircraft.


Product Application: For removing dirt, soil and spots from carpet and fabrics.

Directions for use: Apply SPOT to a dry, clean towel and “blot” carpet or fabric surface to lightly soak spot. Lightly agitate cleaner into carpet or fabric using a “tamping” motion or lightly “striking” the surface with a towel or tamping brush. Gently blot surface and rinse thoroughly using a clean towel lightly dampened with water until spot is removed and surface is clean. Repeat as necessary. Test on a small inconspicuous spot first to check for any issues. Can be used in carpet cleaners, we recommend a 1 part cleaner to 5 parts water. 

SPOT - Carpet Cleaner

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